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When Should You Replace a Garage Door?

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There are a few factors to consider before you decide whether to have your garage door fixed or replaced. First, let’s look at the types of garage door damage in general.

Types of damage

The types and degrees of damage range from cosmetic issues to compromised functionality. When damage is minor, it may be visible but doesn’t impact the door’s structural integrity or operation. Minor damage includes cracks, fading paint, or chipping. Pure cosmetic damage does not warrant replacement.

When the door’s structural integrity is compromised, replacing it might be worth looking into. A rusted or warped door won’t work as well as it used to. It also won’t protect your garage from intruders or keep out the elements.

Replacement is more than warranted in cases where the door doesn’t open and close as it should. If the door closes and opens only sometimes, never opens, makes a horrible screeching sound, or gets stuck often, you probably need a new one. Still, have a professional inspect it to rule out simple problems like new springs or a new battery.

Garage door repair

If the door suddenly breaks down, starts to sag, becomes discolored, or one panel is dented, you probably don’t need to replace it. The cause of a garage door breaking down might be dead batteries or something equally trivial. A professional can troubleshoot the issue quickly and save you a lot of time when it comes to solving the problem.
The prohibitive cost of replacing your garage door

How much will it cost you to have your garage door repaired? It depends on the condition of the door, but repairing is always cheaper than replacing it. The specific price will depend on the door's size and type, the service provider, the damage, and other factors. If you can’t afford a new door, repairing it is an option worth exploring. A qualified professional will be able to help you decide if a replacement is really necessary.

Sagging door

The door’s balance is probably off if it looks like it’s sagging. Garage doors work optimally when the springs limit the energy required to raise them up. The mechanism has to work harder than usual to lift the door when it’s off balance, leading to wear and tear. Ultimately, this can result in worn or broken springs and a sagging door. A professional with experience can usually resolve such issues.

Common garage door issues with easy solutions

Door discoloration and damage to or denting of a single panel are among the common issues with easy fixes. If your door is discolored but exhibits no other signs of damage, the solution could be as simple as washing it and removing peeling paint. 

Then, you can apply a primer and a new coat of paint in your color of choice. The door will look and feel brand new. 

Damage to a single panel 

There is no reason to worry if only one panel is damaged. Garage doors have several panels, and replacing damaged ones is generally a simple fix. Don’t ignore panel damage even if just one panel is affected – the costs in the future can pile up. 

As with damage, a single dented panel costs little to fix and doesn’t require replacing the whole door. Still, it’s advisable to repair denting as soon as possible to prevent any damage to the rest of the door and its system and to make sure the door looks good.  

Garage door replacement

Quality garage doors can last for a few decades. With time, they begin to show signs of aging, like rotting wood. Replacing the door becomes unavoidable sometimes. This section shares some signs that it could be time to replace your garage door.

It’s too old

A good-looking garage door delivers curb appeal and increases the value of your home. Sometimes, a new coat of paint is enough to restore it to its former glory. However, a newer garage door has so much more to offer. Modern garage doors are high in visual appeal and more suitable with a view to the size of cars today. Moreover, newer garage doors are safer and more secure than old ones, rendering the dilemma of repairing vs. replacing easy to solve.

It’s unsafe

On the note of safety, older doors lack some of the critical features of newer ones. New doors have sensors that stop movement if they detect objects, children, or animals near or under the door. These features are highly beneficial because they can prevent serious injuries as well as damage to your property. Aftermarket add-ons aren’t very feasible financially, although they are compatible with older garage door models.

Weather damage has become apparent

Garage doors suffer from the elements. Rain, wind, snow, and the rays of the sun can cause a lot of wear and tear. If your door is showing signs of considerable element-related damage, such as warping, rusting, or severe discoloration, it might be time to have it replaced. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can get stuck inside the garage door’s tracks, resulting in friction and causing issues with misaligned tracks.

Rotting wood

If your area is high in moisture and your garage door is wooden, it will begin warping after a while. Don’t wait to have your garage door replaced if the wood is rotting. Modern garage doors are made of weatherproof, durable materials.

Your energy bills are rising

Garage doors are big and can let in a lot of air from outside. If your energy bills are soaring, your door might need replacing. Insulation can be a partial solution, but ultimately, a big difference in temperature between the garage and your house can have a costly impact on your household budget. Modern garage doors are more energy-efficient than old ones. They are made of quality materials, and the insulation reduces energy costs. A new garage door can raise your home’s value and save you money.

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