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Building Riot ProtectionBe prepared for the worst case scenarios and protect your restaurant, retail store or warehouse. There may be times when you need to secure your facility from break-ins, theft, or damages.

Ensure your storefront is protected from small scale damage, to full-scale riots. We have solutions that will protect your business from unnecessary loss.





Recent civil unrest has led to a wide scale of building damages throughout the Chicagoland area. Broken windows, entryways, theft, arson have plagued business owners and added significant costs when experiened. Protect your valuables with a heavy-duty door system that meets your needs.


  • Solid steel doors provide maximum protection against force and can protect glass windows and doors, along with entry, arson or theft.
  • When combined with bollards to prevent forced entry via vehicles, this offers maximum protection against rioting and looting.
  • Rolling Shutters can be installed in a variety of widths based on your coverage requirements.
  • These can be installed floor to ceiling or ceiling to countertop, depending on your needs.


  • Open air model grilles provide security while allowing full visual access and air circulation. Applications include shopping malls, convention centers, schools, garages and other institutional, commercial and retail projects. Side-folding grilles are available in open air and full closure models and feature multiple styles, patterns and colors.
  • Security grilles can be ceiling to floor or ceiling to countertop, depending on your requirements. Security grilles can also be installed in front of windows.


Heavy duty galvanized folding scissor gates can provide an additional layer of protection in an easy-to-install, easy to use system.


  • Bollards can be installed quickly to prevent storefront damages created by vehicle or large scale moving objects. Bollards block a direct path to the weakest point of your buildings, very often the entryways.
  • Bollards can be moveable or fixed, based on your needs. Pedestrians can enter the area easily, but vehicle traffic is stopped.
  • All bollards feature superior construction with heavy gauge material.

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