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Naperville Garage Door Repair Is Here to Help!

Has your garage door decided to break down on you? Or is it so old that you just need to upgrade? The Naperville Garage door repair company is ready to help you bring your old or broken garage door into shape!

Naperville Garage Door Repair Is Prepared for Emergencies!

We are able to provide 24-hour garage door repairs, and our servicemen will respond same-day to any emergency garage door repair situations.

Ready for a New and Improved Garage Door?

Our company provides Allied Door excellent garage doors with a wide selection that will accommodate any home or professional needs. For a fair price, we provide efficient and excellent garage door installation.

Naperville, IL Garage Door Repair Services

We are proud to assist our customers with any garage door repair services required. Our servicemen are highly experienced, friendly individuals who are happy to provide the highest quality garage door repair you expect to receive. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries, and be sure to check out our discount offers!

Our Naperville garage door services consist of:

  • Any garage door repair services and emergency repairs in Naperville
  • Allied Door garage door installation in Naperville
  • Garage door parts repair or installation in Naperville
  • Replacement or repair of garage door openers in Naperville
  • Garage door spring repair or installation in Naperville



The city of Naperville, Illinois is home to approximately 141,000 people with roughly 53,400 households. This makes Naperville America’s 176th most populous city and a wonderfully vibrant place to live. With a lot to offer every resident and visitor, this busy city is one of the best places to live in the country.

Home to many different businesses including OfficeMax, CDA Truck Driver Company, Sport Clips, RSA Medical, Edward Hospital, Coriant, Allant Group and more, the area’s major employers include:

  • Edward Hospital and Health services with just under 5,000 employees
  • Nokia (Technology creator) with 3,000 employees
  • Indian Prairie School District 204 with just over 3,000 employees and serves more than 28,500 students
  • Naperville School District 203 (Nationally recognized)with almost 2,500 employees
  • Nicor Gas (Gas distribution company) with just over 2,100 employees
  • BP with 1,800 employees
  • BMO Harris Bank with approximately 1,800 employees and is one of the Midwest’s largest banks.
  • NALCO Water with 1,300 employees and is a global leader in water, hygiene, and technologies.
  • City of Naperville with 965 employees
  • North Central College with approximately 625 employees and is an independent comprehensive college offering sciences and the liberal arts.

The city itself is considered to be one of the most affordable places in Illinois. With more than 70% of the local adults having a college education and thought to be one of the country’s safest cities. Naperville certainly has a lot going for it.

Over 90% of people who call Naperville their home own a property and the average household income in Naperville was approximately $105,000. The average income for a family in Naperville is approximately $130,000.

Naperville’s Unique City Features

Naperville is home to some unique city features that help to set the area apart from other cities in Illinois and the rest of the country.

The Naperville Public Library

The Naperville Public Library has impressively ranked as the best library in the whole of the country every year from 1999 until 2010. The library achieved this ranking as a city that had a population between 100,000 and 249,999. The award was given to the library by Hennen’s American Public Library Ratings.

Hosting events such as book discussion groups, classes and with a wide range of resources, it’s easy to see why the Naperville Public Library came first in its class.

The Naperville Independent Film Festival

Held every year, the Naperville Independent Film Festival has been held since 2008. Showcasing independent films and with the goal to help local filmmakers improve their skills, the festival has always been a roaring success. Screening many different films and offering an array of awards to its participants the Film Festival is one of the cities most-loved events.

Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon

The Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon can be found at 443 Aurora Avenue, Naperville. The tower which is also known locally as the ‘Bell Tower’ was constructed in 1999 and stands at an impressive 160 feet. The Millennium Carillon is made up of 72 Carillon bells and the structure itself is considered to be one the 4 largest structures in the country.

Frankie’s Blue Room

Frankie’s Blue Room is a live music venue that plays host to many local bands and holds events every month of the year. Located at 16 W Chicago Avenue, The club is an ideal place to visit if you enjoy live music, want to support local venues and indulge in some good food.

Naperville River Walk

The Naperville River Walk is considered to be the “Crown jewel” of the city. Featuring almost 2 miles of fountains, events places, bridges, paths, and outdoor artwork, the River Walk is the ideal place to visit if you love all things nature and you wish to take a stroll somewhere beautiful. Created in 1981 to commemorate Naperville’s 150th Anniversary, the River Walk is close to Fredenhagen Park, Paddleboat Quarry, the Dandelion Fountain and much more.

DuPage Children’s Museum

The DuPage Children’s Museum is a wonderful place to visit, suitable for children of all ages, the museum is home to a wide range of exhibits, programs, and special events. With a range of hands-on exhibits that integrate math, art, and science, the Children’s Museum was founded in 1987. With 3 floors of events, exhibits, innovative programs and more, the Children’s Museum can be found at 301 N Washington Street, Naperville.

Naperville’s Celebrities

The city of Naperville, Illinois is home to more than a few celebrities who have contributed or currently contribute to the area or the art, sport, political, or military world. Some of Naperville’s Celebrities include:


  • Dave Allen (Actor)
  • Cameron Brate (Sportsperson)
  • Paul Brittain (Actor, comedian)
  • Ryan Buckvich (Pitcher)
  • Bridgette Caquatto (Gymnast)
  • Mackenzie Caquatto (Gymnast)
  • Mary Lou Cowlinshaw (Politician)
  • Kevin Cordes (Sportsperson)
  • David Eigenberg (Actor)
  • Gina Glocksen (American Idol finalist)
  • Emily Griffin (Author)
  • Jordan Johnson (RFA World champion)
  • Alan Krashesky (News anchor)
  • Ian Krol (Pitcher)
  • Fazlur Rahman Malik (Author, scholar)
  • Joseph Naper (Shipbuilder, politician, businessman founder of Naperville)
  • Marisol Nichols (Actress)
  • Bill Odenkirk (Comedy writer)
  • Bob Odenkirk (Actor, writer, comedian, producer, director)
  • Babatunde Oshinowo (Sportsperson)
  • Jim Sonefeld (Drummer)

– Other interesting pieces of information.

 Home to a wide range of shopping centers, restaurants, retailers and automobile dealerships, Naperville is considered to be one of the best cities in the whole of the United States to raise a family. Crime levels, cost of living, local amenities, job opportunities, and schooling were all taken into account. According to the website ‘Niche’ the area is family-friendly, the schools are great and the city has a welcoming environment.



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