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Fire Doors

Fire-rated doors can prevent a fire from spreading for a certain amount of time because of the materials they are designed with. 

Fire-rated rolling doors are designed to withstand the heat and pressure of a fire for a set amount of time. Building codes require openings in fire-rated walls to have fire-rated doors, which close themselves in the event of a fire.

Allied Garage Door can install, repair and maintain fire-rated doors. Allied Door can test fire doors annually as required by law. All doors are UL and Factory Mutual approved.

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Fire Garage Door
Fire-Rated Roll-up Doors

Fire-rated rolling doors close automatically in the event of a fire. Fire-rated doors are designed to  withstand the heat of a fire for a minimum period of time. Each fire-rated door has a safety rating which correlated to the to the rating of the same walls they are installed on. 

Fire-Rated Sliding Doors

A sliding fire door makes sense in applications where space does not allow for an overhead door, or where there is more practicality in have the door open from the side. These doors may often been utilized to divide interior rooms where there is flammable materials or a need for additional safety between rooms. 


fire rated swing door
Fire-rated Swing Doors

Industrial and commercial buildings generally possess fire-rated walls. Fire-rated walls divide the building to prevent fire from spreading rapidly. Fire-rated swing doors also hold a specific rating that aligns with the adjacent walls to limit the rapid spread of fire throughout the building. 

Fire Door Testing

All fire doors must be tested annually according to NFPA 80. Allied Door can inspect all fire-rated doors to ensure that they comply with all safety standards. 

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