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Elgin, Illinois

Elgin is a city that’s located in both Kane and Cook counties in Illinois. Home to approximately 112,456 people, it is the 8th largest city in Illinois. There are approximately 37,848 households in Elgin which means the average home has 2.97 people living there.

Many of the households in Elgin have children under the age of 18 living there. Just over 50% of homes contain married couples, and 28% of the homes are non-families. The average age of the population is 32.5 years and the average income is $56,300.

Elgin’s history dates back to 1830 and the Indian Removal Act. This Act allowed President Andrew Jackson to negotiate with the Native American Tribes so that the land could be used. James T. Gifford arrived in the area in the 1830s and established Elgin, naming it after a Scottish tune.

Home to Many Businesses

Elgin is home to many different businesses such as Lending Solutions, Urology LTD, Heritage-Crystal Clean, MKD Electric and more.

The area’s biggest employers are:

  • Elgin School District with approximately 6,000 employees
  • J.P. Morgan Chase with around 2,700 employees
  • Advocate Sherman Hospital with just over 1,700 employees
  • Elgin Community College with just under 1,400 employees
  • John B. Sanfilippo (A food processing company) with approximately 1,200 employees
  • Amita Health – St. Joseph Hospital with around 950 employees
  • Grand Victoria Casino with approximately 800 employees
  • Illinois Department of Human Services with around 750 employees
  • City of Elgin with approximately 660 employees
  • American NTN Bearing (A bearing’s manufacturer) with just over 600 employees
  • Motorola Solutions with around 440 employees
  • Flender (A manufacturer or wind turbine gears) with approximately 400 employees
  • Elgin Sweeper Company (Street sweepers) with around 320 employees

Employment in Elgin has seen a 2.11% growth in recent years. The most common jobs in Elgin are those in the office and administrative support occupations. The second most common jobs are those in the production occupations. The highest paying jobs in Elgin are those in the legal sector and in law enforcement. There are fewer people working in the legal industry than there are in any other industry in Elgin. The lowest paid jobs in Elgin are those that involve providing personal care along with the service occupations.

Homes in Elgin, Illinois

When it comes to the cost of buying and renting a home in Elgin, homes in the city are a little cheaper than the national average. They stand at approximately $171,200 which (At the time of writing) is around $13,000 cheaper.

Those who are looking to rent a home in Elgin will find the city a little expensive. The average rent is $1,027, whereas the national rent is less than $950. This is no doubt why most of the population own their home.

Unique city features

– Elgin Art Space Lofts

Located at 51 South Spring Street in Elgin, the Art Space Lofts are there for artists to work and even live in. The Lofts house retail and community spaces that attract artists and visitors alike. The location was once home to a Sears structure but this has been totally renovated and now houses a modern yet sophisticated space.

– Side Street Studios Arts Lab

Founded back in 2013 and used as an outlet for artists in the local area, the Side Street Arts Lab is home to creative resources as well as educational resources. Run completely by artists there are artists in residence who showcase their work for a long period of time.

Located at 15 Ziegler Court and with festivals and outreach programs available throughout the year, the Side Street Arts Lab is the ideal place to visit if you’re an art lover.

– Lords Park

Found at 100 Oakwood Boulevard, Lords Park is home to animals, an aquarium and so much more. Escape city life for a while and see the Buffalo, the pigs, and more. The Park is the ideal destination for nature lovers. Complete with a pond, fountains, and walkways, this part is nothing short of delightful.

The Park is also home to baseball fields, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a museum. Spanning an impressive 108 acres, the park was founded in 1893 by the Lord family who lived in Elgin. With 2 picnic shelters, oak and hickory trees along with 2 shelters that you can rent, the Park is a place you just have to visit.


Celebrities and well-known people who live or once lived in Elgin include:

  • Max Adler – Vice president of Sears & Roebuck
  • Dan Andriano – Musician
  • Charlene Barnett – Baseball player
  • Nina Burleigh – Author and journalist
  • Harry Chamberlin – Brigadier general, Olympic gold medalist
  • DeGoy B. Ellis – Lawyer and Illinois State Representative
  • Jimmy Gaffigan – Actor, comedian, and artist
  • Mitzi Gaynor – Entertainer and actress
  • Barbara Giolitto – Illinois State Representative
  • Bethany Goldsmith – Baseball player
  • Lloyd Hall – Chemist
  • John Austin Hamlin – Magician
  • William LeBaron – Movie producer and playwright
  • Norman Mayell – Musician
  • Jessica Mink – Astronomer
  • Brian Oldfield – Olympic shot putter
  • John Qualen – Actor
  • James Roche – Chairman of General Motors
  • Tom Shales – Journalist and winner of the 1988 Pulitzer Prize
  • Roger Smithberg – Baseball player

Other interesting pieces of information

Elgin has relatively low crime figures when it’s compared to the rest of the country. Violent crimes such as assault, murder, rape, and robbery are on occasion less than half the national average. When it comes to property crimes the statistics are less than half the national average. Property crimes include burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft. Elgin is, therefore, a relatively safe place to live.

Elgin is home to Interstate 90 which runs from the northwest to the southeast of Illinois. This allows locals and visitors alike to reach Wisconsin and Indiana. US Highway 20 is a major highway which runs through Illinois and connects people to Iowa and Indiana. Elgin is also home to Illinois Highways Routes 19. 25, 31, 58, and 72.


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