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Dock doors typically come in either sectional doors, swinging dock doors or commercial roll up doors. The function and size of your facility will determine the kind of doors that are best suited for your business. 

Check out our dock door types below. 


Commercial Roll Up Door
Commercial Roll Up Doors

Commercial roll up doors are best suited for businesses that found within companies that handle a high volume of deliveries throughout the day. The thinner doors can be rolled into the barrel, and thus are a practical solution to those limited on space. 

High Speed Garage Door
High Speed Doors

Allied Door’s line of high speed doors features two high speed metal doors for exterior applications, six high speed fabric doors that can be used in interior and exterior applications and one high speed, high cycle rubber door for use in areas with extreme environments. 

Sectional Dock Doors
Sectional Dock Doors

Sectional dock doors are opened and closed either manually or with use of a motor. Sectional doors can be insulated to maintain temperatures within the facility. Sectional doors use a track attached to either the ceiling or the wall above the door. 

Swinging Dock Door
Swinging Dock Door

Swinging dock doors open in both directions, allowing for a ‘push’ entry in every instance. Swinging dock doors are often utilized in hotels, hospitals and restaurants. 

Security Door
Security Door

Security Doors can restrict entry to your space while providing ventilation to the area. 

Screen Door
Screen Door

Provide a screened area that works in conjunction with your existing overhead door. 

Bug Blocker
Bug Blocker

Bug Blockers can keep pests out while providing ventilation for your space. Functions with your existing garage door and practical in areas that require limiting the entry of bugs. 

Dock Seals
Dock Seals

Dock seals can limit entry of unwanted elements such as weather related (rain, snow, cold), or pest related (bugs) from entering the facility while the dock door is open. 

Dock Shelter
Dock Shelters

Dock shelters are designed specially to protect facilities from rain, snow, or sun from entering during load transfers. 

Dock Leveler
Dock Levelers

Dock levelers are used when heavy loads are being transferred between truck and facility. The dock leveler can stabilize the transfer in a safe manner. 

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